Mozaikářský ateliér Jany Höferové

Price list

The technique of mosaic stretches across the boundary between craft and art. This makes it difficult to translate its worth into the language of money. The process of creating mosaics is time-consuming, technically challenging and therefore expensive. The cost of a mosaic depends on the complexity of the theme, the type of material, size, color, and processing techniques. I aspire to approach everyone individually, so please, do not hesitate to contact me.

The reference price per 1 m²:

Opus tessellatum technique (tesserae in sizes of 1 – 2 cm)
ca 40.000 CZK
Palladiana technique (ceramic pieces cut in an irregular way)
ca 20.000 CZK
Micromosaic technique (maximum size of tesserae is 1 cm)
ca 80.000 Kč

(The price includes work on the design, creation of the design 1: 1, creation, installation and the cleaning of the mosaic).

Each work of art is priced individually.

Do you have an idea or a question? Let me know and we can meet for a coffee and discuss everything!