Mozaikářský ateliér Jany Höferové

Welcome to Studio Kaminek!

Welcome to Studio Kamínek!

Mosaic is an ancient technique, much beloved by the ancient Greeks. It can capture our eyes with the gentle shades of natural stone as well as the rich colors of the shiny glass. In my work, I want to build on the foundations of 20th-century mosaics by Czech designers and at the same time strive to take the fullest advantage of the artistic and technical possibilities of the mosaic. That is why I like to combine different types of material, colors as well as methods of processing so that the resulting image achieves the greatest possible effect.

Why Mosaic? A mosaic can be used to decorate both the interior and the exterior. I enjoy creating ancient and medieval copies, replicas of paintings by well-known artists as well as spatial decorations made according to an original design and motif.

Allow me to invite you into a world of bewitching combinations of shapes and tones which enter the world through glass and stone.