Mozaikářský ateliér Jany Höferové


Jana Höferová

It was an offer to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Ravenna that brought me to mosaics. Since my childhood I have loved the fine arts, which I studied at the Prosek Primary School of Arts in Prague, learning from the esteemed Hana Urbanová. I continued my studies at Gymnázium Na Pražačce, in a program focusing on extended art education, and later studied art theory at the Catholic Theological Faculty at Charles University in Prague majoring in History of Christian Art, all of which had led me to mosaics.

Artist activity:

2005 – 2006
studies at Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna, field: Mosaic (Prof. Daniele Strada)

2006 – 2007
CPFP (Centro Provinciale per la Formazione Professionale), Ravenna, Italy, field: Mosaicista progettista (mosaic´s designer), finished by a final exam and obtaining a diploma in qualification inlayer (Marco Santi, Marco Bravura, Luciana Notturni…)

A study stay at COOP Mosaicisti Ravenna as part of CPFP (Restoration of the 6th cent. floor mosaic from an archeological site S. Severo near Classe, a reproduction of a fragment of an antique mosaic from Aquilea, W. Kadinsky-picture reproduction, installation of a mosaic with a text for an welcoming panel in an Italian city Sarsina)

The CPFP cooperation on the Vera Natura – designs, solution and installation of mosaic decoration roundabout Rotonda delle Tartarughe in Ravenna, Italy

Exhibiton Soul of a Stone

Stipendiary stay in Venice, Italy (a thesis on topic ´Technological developement of mosaic´s craft´, stated in September 2012)

Presentation ´Mosaic´s Typology, Creation and Restoration´, Památky 2012 Expo, Prague

Exhibiton On the Butterflies´Wings

Exhibiton Breath of Live

A paper “History of Glass Picture and its Transformation in the Course of Centuries” publicated in Journal of Historical Heritage Preservation, 2017, 77(3). ISSN 1210-5538